SD Board of Regents
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Pierre, SD 57501
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Reports and Accountability
Accreditation Status Report    (BOR August 2014)
Athletic Academic Report           (BOR May2012)
Campus Enrollment Spatial Mapping    (BOR June2009)
College Assessment of Academic Proficiency Report  (BOR Dec2010)
High School to College Transition Report     (BOR Oct2011)
Licensure & Certification Exam  (BOR Dec2011)
Major Enrollment Report      (BOR Dec2008)
Minimum Progression Standards Report     (BOR August2011)
National Student Engagement Report  (BOR June2009)
Section Size Report   (BOR May2012)
South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Report  (BOR March2012)
Student Enrollment Patterns Report    (BOR May2009)
Teacher Education Accountability Report     (BOR August2011)