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System Strategic Goals (Policy 1:21)



Board of Regents Policy 1:21


1. Educational Attainment

  • Continuously improve preparation and align high school standards with college-ready expectations.
  • Increase college participation rates.
  • Improve completions, i.e. increase retention rates, increase the number of graduates by at least 411 each year, and close achievement gaps.
  • Keep our graduates in state.


2. Academic Quality & Performance

  • Review academic degree programs for quality, responsiveness, and productivity
  • Promote high standards for student learning, quality instruction, and research.
  • Encourage student engagement in research and service.
  • Create employer feedback mechanisms.
  • Expand use of technology to enhance learning.


3. Economic Development & Quality of Life

  • Promote growth of research initiatives.
  • Expand graduate education.
  • Contribute to economic development through technology transfer & incubation of new commercial ventures.
  • Contribute to workforce development & quality of life by expanding academic programs to meet our future workforce needs, offering off-campus and online programs, and creating corporate training partnerships.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship.


4. Effectiveness & Efficiency

  • Monitor and benchmark cost/price per graduate.
  • Monitor and benchmark financial indicators.
  • Review under-productive programs for improvements, consolidation, or elimination.
  • Streamline administrative and academic organizational structures.
  • Review facilities and space utilization.
  • Keep the system affordable.
    • Tuition and fees.
    • Required credits to degree
    • Need-based and merit aid
    • Average debt load



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