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At the South Dakota Board of Regents, our job is to advance the state of South Dakota through teaching, research, and a dedication to service. Our system is made up of eight institutions, including six public universities and two schools serving special K-12 populations: the deaf and the visually impaired.

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The freedom offered by South Dakota’s public universities goes far beyond academics.

It’s about more than just hitting the books – it’s about the freedom to grow, explore new horizons, and embrace opportunities that may not have been possible anywhere else. In South Dakota, students have the autonomy to shape their own futures. Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your future without compromising on quality. When you choose South Dakota, you choose to embark on your life’s journey of academic excellence and financial independence.

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    Board of Regents Meeting

    May 13 - May 15

    State Game Lodge

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    Board of Regents Meeting

    June 26 - June 27

    Northern State University

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    Board of Regents Meeting

    July 31 - August 1

    Dakota State University

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    Board of Regents Meeting

    October 2 - October 3

    South Dakota State University