Enrollment Services

Under the Academic and Student Affairs office, the Enrollment Services Center supports academic, admission, student, and financial aid for the Board of Regents system.  This systemwide shared services center is critical in facilitating and supporting both prospective and continuing students through enrollment, financial aid, and academic support.   This office is a direct service to our universities and students.

  • The enrollment services staff manage many systemwide processes for the universities, including managing the student information system, supporting the policies and guidelines for the academic records and registrars for the system, and overseeing the registration process and end-of-term processes for the Regental system.
  • ESC manages all applications loaded into the Student Information System for the Regental system. When challenges arise with data, universities or enrollment services may communicate directly with the students.
  • High school transcripts are managed by the Enrollment Services Center, and the center serves as the primary contact for South Dakota high schools.
  • ESC is responsible for verifying Federal Financial Aid for the Board of Regents system. This process may require universities and enrollment services staff to directly communicate with students who are applying for financial aid. This critical step is necessary to ensure that financial aid is awarded seamlessly.

The FASFA Completion Portal, managed by ESC, is available for South Dakota High School Counselors or Administrators.

ESC manages the transcript services for new, previous, and current students who have attended one of the six public universities for the State of South Dakota. View the step-by-step articles below:

Financial Aid

Financial aid benefits may vary depending on what school you choose. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with your chosen universities financial aid office.

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