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The South Dakota Board of Regents received outstanding support from the South Dakota Legislature and Governor Noem during the 2024 Legislative session. Lawmakers invested significantly in one-time and ongoing opportunities for our state’s public universities and special schools.

For the third consecutive year, the Governor and Legislature agreed to additional base funding to support all BOR salaries and health insurance increases, allowing a tuition freeze for South Dakota public university students again for the 2025 academic year.

The board’s primary focus this legislative session was the system-wide infrastructure needs. BOR received additional funding for ongoing maintenance and repair and one-time funds to cover existing infrastructure needs within our universities.

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The South Dakota Board of Regents Expresses Gratitude to the South Dakota Legislature and Governor for Overwhelming Legislative Support

The South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR) extends its appreciation to the South Dakota Legislature and Governor for their support of higher education during the 99th Legislative Session. Their commitment to higher education will bolster our ability to retain and attract students, expand academic opportunities, preserve infrastructure, and enhance the workforce in our state.

“On behalf of South Dakota’s public universities and special schools, we are thankful for the support our institutions received during the 2024 legislative session,” said BOR Executive Director Nathan Lukkes. “From investing in our students to preserving our buildings and funding programs, these investments will pay dividends for our state for years to come. It was a strong year for the Board of Regents.”

It is remarkable that South Dakota’s public universities’ tuition will remain virtually flat for a fifth consecutive year, a testament to the Regental institutions’ and lawmakers’ commitment to providing a quality, affordable education for students in South Dakota.

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  • Ensuring that higher education remains affordable continues to be the primary focus for the South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR) and its institutions. Yesterday, during the July meeting, the board discussed their budget priorities for the 2025 fiscal year; a tuition freeze for South Dakota students tops the list again this year.
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  • The Center for Quantum Information Science and Technology (C-QIST), proposal provides start-up funds for a research and education collaborative in quantum information science and technology. The C-QIST will be a virtual center supporting activities that take advantage of and share the individual strengths of each participating university.
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