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The Finance and Administration department is responsible for conducting financial analyses and reporting, developing fiscal policies, overseeing budget administration, planning facilities, supervising tuition and fees, providing accounting services, and ensuring accountability. This page offers links to updated reports, financial data, and information about student tuition and fees.

Annual Reports

Financial Forms

SDBOR is committed to effective record retention to preserve its history, conduct the best business practices, meet legal standards, optimize the use of space, minimize the cost of record retention, and ensure that outdated and unnecessary records are destroyed.

The SDBOR requires specific types of records to be retained for specific periods of time and in designated official repositories. The schedules attached to this manual list these records and the time of required retention.

Other records, documents, or correspondence (those records not required to be retained or those that are in the possession of individuals or departments) should be disposed of when they are no longer needed for active use by those who possess them.

Records, documents, emails, and correspondence of all kinds must be managed according to the procedures that are outlined in this manual. This policy applies to records in any form (including paper or electronic) and to records, however, or by whoever created that belong to the Regental System or were created by Regental employees, including faculty, as part of their work for the system.

  • The manual applies to the SDBOR, the six universities, and special schools.
  • It applies to all university and special school divisions, departments, employees, staff, and faculty.

Effective January 1, 2012, this manual is the Regent’s only system records retention manual. Any new specific retention schedules or changes to existing ones should be communicated promptly to the Records Officer.