Board of Regents Departments

Academics &
Student Affairs

Our Academic Affairs office aims to provide South Dakota citizens with access to high-quality postsecondary education. Here, you will discover a wealth of information about our academic programs, faculty, research initiatives, and resources available to support your educational journey. Whether you are a prospective student, current student, or faculty member, this page serves as a gateway to our system’s commitment to academic excellence.

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Finance & Administration

Our finance & administration team is tasked with financial analysis and reporting, human resources planning and management, fiscal policy development, budget development and administration, facilities planning, tuition and fees oversight, accounting services, and accountability. Their goal is to provide the Board, our schools and our government with accurate information to support an affordable South Dakota education.

General Counsel

The General Counsel’s office collaborates with the six South Dakota public universities and two special schools. This collaboration ensures informed decisions with a complete understanding of legal implications. As the driving force behind our legal strategies, compliance efforts, and risk management, our General Counsel office is pivotal in safeguarding the South Dakota Board of Regents’ success.

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Human Resources

Our human resources aspire to be a model of excellence and leadership by delivering strategic services and solutions to support the strategic plan of the South Dakota Board of Regents and their individual institutions.

Public &
Government Relations

We serve the public of South Dakota’s higher education by providing public information, publications, and data to policy makers, media, and the public. Our team also assists in the development of system-wide research projects.

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Research Affairs

Our research team works with the six state universities, state and federal agencies, and the private sector to build research capacity and performance within South Dakota.

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