Our finance & administration team is tasked with financial analysis and reporting, human resources planning and management, fiscal policy development, budget development and administration, facilities planning, tuition and fees oversight, accounting services and accountability. Their goal is to provide the Board, our schools and our government with accurate information to support an affordable South Dakota education.

Regents Information Systems

Regents Information Systems (RIS) coordinates computing purchases and network activities for the Board of Regents and its institutions. RIS provides centralized software solutions for managing Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, and Payroll and supports the South Dakota Board Office, Public Universities, and Special Schools. Student Information Systems provides a platform for registering students, tracking attendance, and managing student-related data needs. Information Security and Networking supports South Dakota Public Universities in protecting information assets and critical communication infrastructure. Systems Server and Network support DBA services, Web Development, and SharePoint Administration. This group supports the Network, Server, and Database infrastructure and installing and maintaining server operating systems.

Finance & Administration​ Staff

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System Vice Presid​ent of Finance and Administration

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System Chief Information Officer – RIS

Budget Manager​

Assistant Accountant

Senior Accountant

Internal Auditor

Program / Fiscal Analyst​

Financial Compliance Officer

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