VERMILLION, SD—Today, during their April meeting, the South Dakota Board of Regents reaffirmed its commitment to affordability and accessibility in higher education by freezing tuition again for the 2025 academic year.South Dakota’s public universities remain steadfast in providing high-quality education without burdening students and their families with additional financial strain. This decision reflects the state’s dedication to supporting students in pursuing their educational goals and promoting a positive learning environment.

“Ensuring higher education remains accessible to all students in South Dakota is the core of our mission,” said BOR Executive Director Nathan Lukkes. “By keeping tuition and fees nearly flat for the fifth consecutive year, we are confirming our dedication to affordability and excellence in education. We understand the financial challenges that many students face, and we are determined to mitigate those challenges by keeping the cost of attendance low, predictable, and manageable.”

This ongoing effort has been a testament to the partnership between South Dakota lawmakers and university leadership. During the 2024 Legislative Session, $5.7 million was allocated to the Regental system to keep tuition flat. In return, each of the six South Dakota public universities would hold fees flat by continuing to absorb ongoing costs at their institutions. This sustained model is a true test of our universities’ efficiencies and dedication to student success.

“It’s important to recognize that achieving a milestone like maintaining virtually flat tuition and fee rates for half a decade is not the work of one or two individuals. It’s a collective effort and proof of the commitment of hundreds of people who share a common goal: providing our South Dakota students an excellent education at a fair, competitive price,” said BOR President Tim Rave. “We are all in this together, working to keep these highly educated individuals in our state.”

As the landscape of higher education evolves, BOR remains committed to ensuring that higher education remains within reach for all who seek it. The tuition freeze affects not only our South Dakota resident students but also nonresident students looking to start their life’s journey in our state. With stable, affordable tuition rates, we strive to make our universities attractive to students across the region. When out-of-state students choose BOR University, approximately 25% decide to make South Dakota their home, yielding nearly 800 nonresident graduates each year who opt to stay in the state and fill essential positions.

As the state’s public university system, it is our job to grow South Dakota’s workforce. Thanks to our state’s lawmakers, university leaders, and excellent student population, the Regental system is encouraged for the future of higher education and our impact on our growing state’s economy.