Reduced Tuition for State Employees

The South Dakota Board of Regents offers tuition reductions and graduate assistantships for state employees and teachers.

State Employees

State employees that meet a certain criteria are eligible for a reduced tuition. Someone can be eligible if they have continuous employment with the state of South Dakota for a minimum of one year, a position classified as benefits-eligible, an established residency in South Dakota, a cumulative collegiate GPA of 2.0 or higher and a good employment standing.

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To apply for this reduced tuition program you must print a hard copy of the application, complete it as directed and obtain certification as requested from your employer. You’ll submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office at your state university of choice prior to course registration.

K-12 Teachers & Certified Educators

Certain teachers and educators are eligible to participate in a reduced tuition program if they meet a certain criteria. The established guidelines state that you must be a current teacher with certification granted by the South Dakota Department of Education, have present employment as a K-12 teacher or certified educator within the state of South Dakota, be a resident of the state and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher for all courses completed through this tuition program.

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This application includes an introductory memo from the South Dakota Board of Regents along with a form. The form must be printed and completed as directed to gain official verification from your school superintendent or designee. Prior to course registration you will submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office at your regental university of choice.

Graduate Assistantships

The South Dakota Board of Regents established a graduate assistantship program that also offers financial assistance in exchange for technical expertise. Types of assistantships include teaching, research and administrative. Each position is contingent upon departmental assignment and current need and the time commitment equates to approximately 20 hours per week throughout the entire semester.

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Each campus manages the application process differently. Contact the regental university of your choice below to see if you qualify as well as how to apply.

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