Reduced Tuition Programs

Ensuring everyone can afford a college education is essential in South Dakota. The Board of Regents is doing its best to provide opportunities to attract students and help grow our state’s workforce, guaranteeing all South Dakotans who aspire to attend a public postsecondary institution are able. Click through the slides below to determine if you quality for a tuition assistance program.

Featured Tuition Programs

The Board of Regents offers several programs that reduce tuition fees for students both in South Dakota and nationwide. You can view the lowered tuition fees for Midwest region students, state workers, including graduate assistants, military personnel, and alumni children. Check out the opportunities below to find out if you qualify.


In South Dakota, we want to ensure our Midwest neighbors see and experience everything our public universities and state offers. For our South Dakota Advantage states, we’re already rolling out the welcome mat by offering resident tuition rates to many of our surrounding states.

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The South Dakota Board of Regents is committed to supporting the education and professional development of state employees and teachers. As part of this commitment, we offer tuition reductions and graduate assistantships that can help eligible individuals advance their knowledge, skills, and careers. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a new degree or certificate program or seeking to enhance your existing qualifications, these opportunities can provide you with the support and resources you need to reach your goals.

Additional Tuition Programs

If you are a military member or have qualifying family members, you may be eligible for various types of tuition assistance. There are many opportunities available to you as a benefit to serving in the military.

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Current and certified South Dakota teachers living in the state are eligible for a reduced tuition rate. Coursework can include undergraduate or graduate offerings.

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The regental system values its graduates, which is why we’ve devised a tuition program for undergraduate students who are children of alumni. Students are eligible for a reduced tuition if one or both parents graduated from a regental university. To speed up the application and approval process, a short section specific to this program has been incorporated into the Undergraduate Application for Admission.

The South Dakota Board of Regents provides a tuition reduction program to students who meet specific personal criteria. This program aims to make higher education more affordable and accessible to students, enabling them to pursue their academic goals and succeed in their chosen careers.

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Certain survivors of tragic accidents qualify for tuition waivers if they’re within accordance with state law. Students are eligible for a 100% tuition waiver if: a parent died as a direct result of injuries received in the performance of official duties. The deceased parent was employed as a firefighter, certified law enforcement officer or emergency medical technician, and if the tragedy occurred before the child turned 21 years old.

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Paying for College

Paying for college isn’t just an investment in your future – it’s an investment in yourself. Board of Regents students have a variety of options, from state-level scholarships to federal financial aid. Find the right financial solution for you with student-centered resources and financial aid tools.