Reduced Tuition Programs

Ensuring everyone can afford a college education is essential in South Dakota. The Board of Regents is doing its best to provide opportunities to attract students and help grow our state’s workforce, guaranteeing all South Dakotans who aspire to attend a public postsecondary institution are able. Click through the slides below to determine if you quality for a tuition assistance program.

Featured Tuition Programs

The Board of Regents offers several programs that reduce tuition fees for students both in South Dakota and nationwide. You can view the lowered tuition fees for Midwest region students, state workers, including graduate assistants, military personnel, and alumni children. Check out the opportunities below to find out if you qualify.

student in college classroom

Paying for College

Paying for college isn’t just an investment in your future – it’s an investment in yourself. Board of Regents students have a variety of options, from state-level scholarships to federal financial aid. Find the right financial solution for you with student-centered resources and financial aid tools.