PIERRE, SD—The South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR) extends its appreciation to the South Dakota Legislature and Governor for their support of higher education during the 99th Legislative Session. Their commitment to higher education will bolster our ability to retain and attract students, expand academic opportunities, preserve infrastructure, and enhance the workforce in our state.”On behalf of South Dakota’s public universities and special schools, we are thankful for the support our institutions received during the 2024 legislative session,” said BOR Executive Director Nathan Lukkes. “From investing in our students to preserving our buildings and funding programs, these investments will pay dividends for our state for years to come. It was a strong year for the Board of Regents.”

It is remarkable that South Dakota’s public universities’ tuition will remain virtually flat for a fifth consecutive year, a testament to the Regental institutions’ and lawmakers’ commitment to providing a quality, affordable education for students in South Dakota.

“We appreciate legislative leaders advocating for higher education in the Capitol and explaining BOR’s pivotal role in shaping South Dakota’s future,” said BOR President Tim Rave. “Every member of our board applauds our lawmakers’ dedication to investing in our students and institutions.”

Governor Noem’s commitment to advancing education and workforce development initiatives has been evident through the allocation of resources towards innovative programs such as quantum computing and teacher apprenticeship programs. These initiatives are not just about new ideas but about enhancing educational offerings and equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an evolving workforce, benefiting our students and the state’s workforce.

While much of the focus was on the future, the Legislature also prioritized preserving and maintaining our campus infrastructure, ensuring a comfortable learning environment for future generations, which was a top Board priority. BOR is looking forward to the coming year and being able to build on the solid foundation that South Dakota lawmakers helped put in place.