BOR Meeting Agenda

May 10, 2022

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

​9:00 A.M.​ 1.​ Regents Convene – Zoom
  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Declaration of Conflicts
  3. Approval of the Minutes – Meeting on March 29-30, 2022
  4. Motion to Dissolve into Executive Session
9:10 A.M. 2. Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matters,

Pending and Prospective Litigation, Contractual Matters, Marketing or Pricing Strategies by a Board of a Business Owned by the State When Public Discussion May Be Harmful to the Competitive Position of the Business, and to Consult with Legal Counsel

1:00 P.M. ​3. Regents Reconvene – Zoom
  1. Report and Actions of Executive Session
  2. Reports from Individual Presidents and Superintendents
  3. Reports on Individual Regent Activities
  4. Report of the Executive Director
4. Public Comment Period
​​​ 5. Consent Agenda

​​Academic and Student Affairs

A. Graduation Lists
B. Academic Calendar – Special Schools
C. SDSBVI Membership in SDHSAA
D. New Program Requests
1) DSU – BS in Individualized Studies
2) USD – Minor in Deaf Education
3) USD – Minor in Public Policy
E. New Certificate Requests
1) DSU – Ethics in Technology (Undergraduate)
2) DSU – Supply Chain Management (Graduate)
3) NSU – HyFlex Pedagogy (Graduate)
4) USD – Data Science (Undergraduate)
5) USD – Fundamentals of Medical Spanish (Undergraduate)
F. New Site Requests
1) SDSU – BS and Minor in Agricultural Business (Online)
2) USD – Kinesiology and Sport Management, M.A. Exercise Science specialization (Online, Hybrid)
G. Intent to Plan Request – DSU – BS in Digital Content Creation
H. Articulation Agreements
1) Northern State University
2) University of South Dakota
I. Agreement on Academic Cooperation – SDSU
J. Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – DSU & USD
K. Site Termination Request – USD
L. Revisions to Terminal Degrees Table – USD
M. Dual / Concurrent Credit Transfer of Credits Agreement Amendment – Wayne State College
N. BOR Policy 2:33 Revisions – Student Academic Misconduct (Second Reading)

Budget and Finance

O. M&R Projects (Greater than $250,000)
P. FY23 General Fund M&R Allocation and Projects List
Q. FY23 Fee M&R Projects List

Informational Items – No Board Action Necessary

R. Interim Actions of the Executive Director
S. Building Committee Report
T. Student Accounts Receivable Report

6. Academic and Student Affairs​
  1. Math Placement Guidelines
  2. New Program Request – SDSMT – PhD in Data Science and Engineering
8. Budget and Finance​
  1. FY24 Informal Budget Hearing Format
  2. FY23 USD – Sioux Falls Tuition Rates
  3. NSU Energy Performance Contract
  4. SDSMT Energy Performance Contract
  5. SDSMT Mineral Industries Building – Revised Facility Design Plan (FDP)
  6. Capital Projects List
  7. BOR Policy 5:7 Revisions – Refunds (First Reading)
  8. BOR Policy 5:21 Revisions – System Collection Policy (First Reading)
  9. BOR Policy 6:4 Revisions – Capital Improvements (First Reading)
  10. BOR Policy 6:5 Revisions – Building Committees (First Reading)
  11. BOR Policy 6:6 Revisions – Maintenance and Repair (First Reading)
  12. BOR Policy 6:7 Revisions – Building Plaques (First Reading)
  13. BOR Policy 6:10 Revisions – Legislative Authorization of Private or Grant Funded Facilities (First Reading)
  14. BOR Policy 1:27 Revisions – Naming of Institutional Facilities, Programmatic Units or Funded Academic Honors (First Reading)
  15. BOR Policy 4:49 Revisions – Multi-Year Employment Contracts (First and Final Reading)
​​4:00 P.M.​ Adjourn.​